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Apple Mac Mini Colocation UK

There's nothing quite like having your own Apple Mac Mini server, colocated in a state of the art data centre.

We can colocate your Mac Mini at our Manchester data centre for as little as 50 per month for a fully managed service.

For this you'll get use of our 100 Mbit Level-3 connection, use of our DNS and mail servers, a remote operated mains switch and 24/7 support from our Mac web hosting team.

This means that you'll be in complete control of your Mac Mini but have the benefit of our five years experience in Mac web hosting.

The images on this page are of our actual facility in Manchester, not library pictures!

Subject to our acceptable use policy, you can install any software you like but for Mac web servers we would recommend the following-

  • Mac OS X 10.4 (Not the server version)
  • Tenon's iTools 8
  • Apple Remote Desktop
  • Smith Micro's WebDNA if you want to build dynamic web sites

You'll also need to set the energy saver control panel to never sleep and to restart after a power failure. If your Mac Mini has Bluetooth or Airport installed, you will need to turn them both off.

Apple Mac Mini colocationIn order that we can plug your Mac Mini into our remote mains switches, you will need to replace the mains plug for a 3 pin Euro plug, Bulgin Part No. PX0686. These are available from RS Components, stock No. 449-922.

The actual cost of your Mac Mini colocation will depend on a number of factors including- how much bandwidth your Mac Mini uses, how many domains you have and how much support you'll need.

The installation and setup of your Mac Mini will be free as long as you pay by standing order and stay with us for three months. If you're not familiar with OS X or Mac web serving, for a small fee we can install your software and prepare it for server use.

Once you have attended one of our health and safety briefings, you will be entitled to a security pass allowing you 24/7 access to your Mac Mini.

If you would like further information on Mac Mini colocation, please contact our sales department.

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