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PayPal Shopping Basket Installation

To install iBasket PayPal shopping cart either download our ready made web pages here (4Kb) or follow the easy steps below to add the shopping basket to your own pages.

(1) Copy & paste the following code to a page on your web site where you want your shopping basket to appear. You may wish to start a new page such as basket.htm

(2) Change the in the copied code to your PayPal login name, usually your email address.

(3) Open the page in a web browser and you should get a message that your basket is empty. NB: This step will have set you up on our system and if you move the code to a different page, you will need to login to your control panel and change the basket page location to correspond to the new address.

(4) Copy & paste the following code to your product page, changing the to your PayPal login name.

(5) You should also change 'Large widget' to the name of your product and the '25' to it's price.

That's it! Basic setup is complete, you may need to have a look at our shopping basket customization page.

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