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Content managed web sites
Ideal Internet's key area of expertise is in constructing web sites that can be easily updated by the client without intervention from a web designer. Examples of these can be found on our clients page and we also have a demo site that can be tried on request. Costs for these vary enormously but please budget on about 800 for a basic editable site without a shopping cart.

E-commerce or database driven web sites
Database driven or shopping sites with all the features of our content managed sites start at about 2000 depending on the features required, please call to discuss your requirements.

Web hosting - Apple Mac and Windows 2003
We have web hosting packages starting from as little as 99 per annum on both the Apple Mac and Windows 2003 server platforms, please call to discuss your requirements.

Apple X-Serve and Mac Mini colocation
We have space available in our Manchester datacentre for colocating Mac Minis and Apple X-Serves and offer a fully managed service that includes use of our mail and DNS servers starting from 50 per month, please contact our sales department for further details.

Apple Mac web server management
We have been hosting web, email and DNS services for five years on the Apple Mac platform and can offer server management on both a consultancy or regular basis, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Server software and CGI Script writing
Ideal Internet's software engineers are familiar with all web languages and write server software and CGI scripts on a daily basis. Even if your site is not hosted by us, we will be able to add dynmic content to your site without changing hosts. Our charge for writing software starts at 45 per hour, please call to discuss your requirements.

Search engine optimisation
All sites designed by us are fully optimised for search engine accessability but we will be happy to quote for optimising sites designed elsewhere. Costs will vary on the size of the site and the results required, please contact us for a quotation.

Commercial e-mail delivery
Ideal Internet can deliver powerful, web based messaging to unlimited numbers of e-mail destinations with automated personalization and embedded graphics. These could be newsletters, reports, surveys or any other broadcast communication. Messages can be sent with multiple attachments and clickable links to web sites or files stored on our servers. Costs for this service can be as little as 2p per message plus origination charges. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Web to SMS text
Ideal Internet now offer web to SMS text messaging, email to SMS and a SMS to email service. This means you can send bulk or individual text messages directly from your web site to any UK or GSM mobile telephone. We can also provide a return mobile number so your clients can send SMS replies which are converted by us to emails and forwarded to you. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Secure Checkouts
If your site is hosted elsewhere and they don't do secure pages, we can set up a secure checkout on our servers without changing hosts. Please call for details.

Please note that all prices are subject to VAT at 17.5%
Services that require a .uk domain registration are subject to Nominet's terms and conditions, a copy of which can be found here.